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– Stylish folding hamper this lightweight and durable bin has a unique folding design that allows you to store it in small spaces when you’re not using it. This versatile bin has many storage options. A great solution for toys, shoes, off Season clothes, and pool toys without water accumulating in the basket.
– This convenient bin adds extra storage space to any room. It is also perfect for college dorms or anywhere space is limited. The ventilated design allows air to flow through the storage basket until you’re ready to do the wash. There’s no assembly required, unfold it and it’s ready to use. To clean, simply wipe it with a cloth and mild dish soap.
– The folding design of this lightweight but durable bin allows you to slide it into small spaces when you’re not using it; it hardly takes up any space. The attached lid keeps laundry under wraps and private, so your bedroom or bathroom stays neat and clean, and the hinged lid design means your lid won’t get lost.
– Made of light plastic, relocating this hamper is effortless as it’s a breeze to pick it up and tote it when needed, simply grab the built-in cutout handle. This ample-sized laundry hamper stores up to 33 lbs. of dirty clothes, blankets, towels, and sheets with room to spare.
– Product Dimensions: 53.97 x 45.72 x 36.83 cm, 2.53 kg.


Ivory, Gray


  1. Brittany LafaveBrittany Lafave

    These baskets are awesome! A little Flimsy? Yes, but there’s no reason to be throwing your laundry basket around aggressively. We wanted two small laundry baskets to sort our delicates and normal wash loads while also being small enough to fit in our wall shelving unit. We attached small felt sliders to the bottom of each corner to easily slide them across our tile. If you wear a lot of denim or thick heavy clothing, these will be too small for you. Otherwise, these can hold well over a weeks worth of laundry!  

  2. NJGirl

    I love that it’s plastic for my wet towels.

  3. Sahar A.

    I enjoy these baskets because they don’t take up much space in laundry room when not in use. But also very light and fits a perfect size load for baby clothes

  4. tori

    Love so much!

  5. Alaber

    Color, durability & size we’re perfect !

  6. Kimino

    Perfect for my laundries

  7. MaheaKMaheaK

    The bins are super sturdy and fulfills the purpose of why I bought them. I am very satisfied with my purchase. 

  8. Misti

    These baskets were perfect for helping me organize our pantry. Great for holding all types of seasonings, food, batteries, lightbulbs etc. Very happy.

  9. Karlen Ruybal

    These are collapsible, but there are some “locks” that are very easy to figure out, to make them very sturdy.

  10. Michigan girl

    Great for placing in the bathtub in a small bathroom for laundry!

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